GEPIK (Gyeonggi English Program in Korea)

Why Gyeonggi Province

Gyeonggi Province is located in the central western part of Korea. It is a large province that surrounds the metropolis of Seoul and city of Incheon, and is bordered by Hwanghae Province in the north, Gangwon Province in the east, South-Chungcheong Province in the south and the Yellow Sea in the west. Gyeonggi Province is made up of a mix of cities and smaller towns. Larger cities include Suwon (pop.1,044,113), Seongnam (pop. 934,984), Goyang (pop. 866,846), Bucheon (pop. 838,801), Yongin (pop. 689,691) and Ansan (pop. 681,590). Teachers familiar with Korea often choose to work in Gyeonggi Province because its areas have less traffic and congestion than a city like Seoul, with more room to breathe. The Seoul Metro system does extend into different parts of Gyeonggi Province, making a commute into Seoul fast and easy.

Teach English in Korea

South Korea offers some of the best ESL teaching opportunities in the world. Do you need to save money, pay off student loans or build for the future? If so, Korea is the place for you

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Take your time and have a look at the wealth of information we have about teaching and living in South Korea. We have over 40 teaching positions in private language schools in Korea EVERY MONTH. In these private language schools, also called Hagwons or Hakwons, you can teach all ages of students. We have some private language schools that are focussed on teaching kindergarten aged students and others that only teach adults. Most of these schools cater to elementary to high school aged students and some offerclasses to all students K-adult (K being kindergarten).

Entertainment & Places to Visit

Gyeonggi-do has many entertainment options throughout its cities and towns. The diversity and amount open space in this province makes it the home to many outdoor attractions including many of Korea¡¯s popular ski areas, amusement parks, golf courses and fishing spots. Everland, one of the top 10 theme parks in the world, is located in Yongin. There are also national and provincial parks located throughout the province, including Bukhansan National Park in Uijeongbu, Namhan-sanseong Provincial Park and the Chukryeongsan Natural Recreation Area. History and traditional Korean culture have a strong presence in Gyeonggi Province, experienced strongly in places like Icheon, which is famous for its ceramics, and Suwon, with its Hwaseong Fortress and Korean Folk Village. And when it comes to nightlife, cities like Goacheon, Ilsan, Suwon and Sungnam have many entertainment options.

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