I have nothing but good things to say about Jobteach.(Engkorea Agency)

I have nothing but good things to say about Jobteach(Engkorea Agency). The whole process from signing up through to getting a job was friendly and professional. While other recruiters seemed to try and push me into certain jobs, or care little about my particular wants or requirements, with Jobteach(Engkorea Agency) I felt as though I was being listened to with regards to my requests. Perhaps the most important aspect was that they fostered a sense of trust; Jobteach(Engkorea Agency) were always honest with me, so it was much easier for me to evaluate particular jobs and make decisions about them. I am happy to report that Jobteach(Engkorea Agency) were successful in their efforts, and I was able to secure a position which I am very happy with. I hope this testimonial does not come across too much like a sales pitch, as I was genuinely impressed by their efforts and would not hesitate to contact them again if the need should arise. I would gladly recommend Jobteach(Engkorea Agency) to any potential job-seekers.

Eamon Harrison

Jul.10, 2013

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