JobTeach (Engkorea Agency) got me my dream job in Korea.

JobTeach (Engkorea Agency) got me my dream job in Korea.  I went through various recruiters when I was first applying to come to Korea to teach English and no other recruiter was as fast and helpful as Luna was for JobTeach(Engkorea Agency).  Luna from JobTeach (Engkorea Agency)  was the only recruiter to genuinely take interest in my application.  She guided me through every step of my application and was always very honest and supportive of my wishes.  My goal was always to secure a position in Seoul and Luna was able to get me an interview with an awesome school located right in the heart of Seoul. I would strongly recommend going through JobTeach(Engkorea Agency) and if you are lucky enough to have Luna as your recruiter you'll be in great hands!



Jul.16, 2013

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