JTC Town - Filed Trip & Job Concert

Welcome to 1st Filed Trip 2012 (Engkorea Agency)

Field trip to Nam-san-gol Han-ok Village in Seoul (May 12th Sat)

Warm greetings from Engkorea Agency
We hope you are enjoying teaching English in Korea and also have a chance to know about Korea a little bit more.
We are planning to have a one day field trip on May 12th 3:00pm Saturday.

We are going to meet at Chung-mu-ro (충무로역) station exit # 3 (Subway line # 3 and # 4) and visit Nam-san-gol Han-ok Village.

Check out the website
1)     http://hanokmaeul.seoul.go.kr/index.jsp
2)     http://visitseoul.net/en/article/article.do?_method=view&art_id=10495&lang=en&m=0004003002009&p=03

After visiting Han-ok Village, we will move near to Sam-chung-dong(삼청동) (Subway line # 3 An-guk(안국)) and have dinner with Korean traditional alcohol (Mag-gol-li).
The gathering fee will be around 20,000 won + α for dinner and events in Hanok Village.
Please let us know by Apr 20th Friday whether you can come or not. Friends are welcomed too !
Since we have to book for the activities in Han-ok Village your early response will be appreciated.
Please send me back the following information by e-mail or a text message ( 자기 번호 넣을 것 )

Phone number:
Number of ppl:
Arrival time:

Hope to see you guys soon!
Oct.28, 2012

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