Since January 2012, The Office of Education in Korea has updated their rules for English Instructors Registration.

  • It is now a requirement that the following documents are supplied to register you to the Office of Education.
  • 1. An Original Nationwide Criminal Record Check with the apostille certificate
  • 2. A Copy of BA/BS Degree with the apostille certificate
  • This means that,
  • all applicants are now required to prepare 2 of above mentioned documentations for E2 Visa and English Instructors Registration.

Criminal Record Check(CRC)

  • A Criminal Record Check (CRC) is an official record that provides the criminal history of an individual.
    CRCs are typically requested by employers for the purpose of evaluating prospective and current employees.
    There are local and national criminal record background checks conducted by authorized personnel of each country (i.e., police department, passport office, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, etc.).
    However applicants must provide National Criminal Record Check(CRC). Applicants should not have criminal history.


  • Applicants must be in good mental and physical health. You MUST make Alien Registration at your District Immigration Office (OR Branch Office) within 90 days after your arrival in Korea. And, when you register, You MUST submit your Health Certificate obtained from the hospital which has been designated by the Korean Government.

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