Step 1 – Prepare your documents

After deciding to embark on your adventure to Korea, you should apply for your criminal record check immediately as this document can take the longest time to obtain depending on the procedure in your home country.

In the meantime ensure that you can prove your university education. As of August 2010 it is necessary to provide a photocopy of your degree certificate with an apostille certificate attached to confirm it is an authentic copy.

Once you have the CRC and Degree, you will need to get it notarised by a public notary and then authenticated with an apostille certificate.
Please note that the copy of your degree will need to be signed by a public notary before you can get the apostille certificate. If you do not have your original degree certificate then please contact us and we can advise on what you need to do.

You need to apply for : -1set of criminal record check and each of them apostilled(USA, UK, Australia, new zealand, South Africa)/ notarized in consulate(Canada), -1set of copies of degree certificate and each of them apostilled/ notarized in consulate. Online application form


Step 2 – Send or Register your resume and Interview with our recruiter

You need to email us your resume and recent photo. The photo is an important part of the application process so please make sure you are smiling, looking smart and the photos are not blurred. We will then contact you to discuss your application in more detail.

Step 3 - Phone Interview

Once you have your a copy of your degree certificate with apostille, 2 sets of CRC with apostilled certificate attached, we will send you details of the schools that match your requirements. You then choose the schools that you prefer and we will arrange a time for a representative of the school to call you. This could be the director, a Korean supervisor or the head foreign teacher at the school.
The interview will be very short 10 -15 minutes and will be quite informal. You will be asked questions such as do you like children? Have you ever worked with children? Why do you want to come to Korea. You may also be asked more specific teaching questions such as, how would you deal with a shy student? How would you deal with a misbehaved student? What would you do if the students in your class have varying English abilities?
Make sure that you speak as slowly and clearly as possible as one of the purposes of the phone call is to listen to your accent. If you think you have a particularly strong accent then we advise toning it down as much as possible for the interview. Once you get to Korea your colleagues and students will pick your accent up quickly so don't worry.
Shortly after your interview we will call you to confirm whether or not the school would like to hire you. If you are successful we will email you the contract, give you the contact details of other foreign teacher(s) at the school and try our best to get you photos of your apartment.

Step4 - Send documents to your school in Korea

Once you have agreed on a school you will need to send the following documents to your school in Korea: - Signed Contract
- 1 Copies of your degree(BA/BS) with apositlle certificates for each copy
- Photocopy of the information page of your passport
- 4 Colour passport-sized photos
- A signed copy of your resume
- 1 Nationwide Criminal record check (dated within the last 6 months) with apostille certificates for each copy
- Completed Health check form
When sending your documents to Korea, use only DHL or FedEx. Registered mail (UPS, Priority, etc.) cannot provide a tracking number to track the package once it's in Korea. If you are from the UK you can send your documents by www.interparcel.com for £20. Please send us the tracking number of your documents so we know when to expect your documents to arrive.
Your director will take your documents to the local immigration office in Korea and apply for a Visa Issuance Number for you. This will take approximately 10 working days.

Step 5 - Get your visa

We will send you an email containing your Visa Issuance Number and give you details on exactly what you need to do. In short you will have to go to your nearest South Korean Embassy/Consulate and apply for your visa in person. This takes 3-7 days depending on the procedure of the embassy in your home country.
If you are from the UK then you do not need to go to the embassy in person but can send your documents by post. You will need to send the following documents to the South Korean embassy in London. See the website for more information: http://korea.embassyhomepage.com
- The completed visa form
- Your original passport
- £33 postal order made payable to the Korean Embassy (London)
- 2 colour passport sized photos
- Check list for E2 visa form click here to download
You should send your documents by special delivery and include a self addressed prepaid special delivery envelope for your passport to be sent back to you. It takes 5 working days to process your visa. BEFORE YOU SEND YOUR PASSPORT PLEASE SAVE A COPY ON YOUR COMPUTER AND SEND IT TO US BY EMAIL SO WE CAN RESERVE YOUR FLIGHT

Step 6 - Book your flight

Once you have your passport back with an E2 working visa stamped in it you are ready to fly out to Korea. Book your flight and arrive safely. The price of the flight will be reimbursed by your school when you arrive in Korea. Most schools refund the equivalent price of your flight in Korean Won within the first week of arrival but check your contract to confirm this. All that is now left for you to do is to pack.

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