Why Korea?

Why Work in South Korea?

South Korea is an economic and technological powerhouse poised to become a global leader in many fields. Still, fluency in English, the international language, eludes most Koreans. The Korean people are acutely aware of this, so they work hard to give their children the best possible opportunities to learn English directly from native speakers.
There are many job opportunities around Korea, whether in bustling big cities, peaceful small towns, or sunny tropical islands surrounding the mainland. Competitive pay with a relatively low cost of living makes teaching English in Korea ideal for traveling, saving money and exploring the rich culture of this vibrant country.

Many Job Opportunities

In Korea, English education is a booming business. In 2008, 25,000 native speaker English teachers taught in South Korea, employed by institutions including public schools and private language schools. English is seen as a key to success in business, and has earned a more important role in higher education in recent years. There are many employment opportunities for native speaker English teachers around South Korea, in both metropolitan areas and smaller communities.
You may find yourself playing learning games with kindergarten students, motivating teenagers through a lesson on American pop music, or holding a conversation class with business professionals.

Saving Money

Teaching in Korea offers a higher salary than many other countries offering English teaching opportunities, yet has a relatively low cost of living. Contracts also include free housing and round trip airfare, and bonuses like settlement allowances, severance pay and rural allowances.

Fantastic Location for Traveling Abroad

Living and teaching in Korea provides the unique opportunity to explore Asia during vacations and holidays. Japan is a short plane or ferry ride away from Korea, making it an ideal destination for a long weekend. Thailand, Hong Kong, China and the Philippines are also easily accessible, making Korea the ideal starting point for your Asian adventures.

Clean Cities with Modern Facilities

Many of South Korea’s metropolitan areas are equipped with both subways and city bus services. Cities are strictly maintained to insure a clean living environment, and have numerous shopping districts and entertainment facilities. Convenient railway and inter-city bus services connect destinations throughout Korea, taking passengers across the country within a few hours.

Numerous Tourist Attractions Around the Country

Korea is a country with 5,000 years of history. The entire Korean peninsula is dotted with historic sites and tourist attractions like temples, fortresses, national parks and resorts. Natural treasures including scenic mountains and warm beaches are located across the southern end of Korea, while northern areas have breathtaking cliffs and peaceful seaside towns of their own.

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